Eigen Technologies has appointed David Brooks and Simon Hogg as its first chief operating officer and first chief information security officer respectively.

Brooks joined the global intelligent document processing provider as chief customer officer in May 2020. He has led the company’s transformation programme and has been instrumental in leading how Eigen is structured to deliver its growth strategy. 

Hogg joined Eigen in 2018 to build the company’s IT and security infrastructure. Since then, he has led Eigen to become one of the few companies with five ISO certifications by establishing a top-class team and nurturing a comprehensive organisational security culture. 

“I am delighted to be announcing the appointments of our first COO and CISO. This is another landmark moment for Eigen and reflects both our maturity and experience as a company,” said Dr Lewis Z. Liu, Eigen’s founder & CEO. 

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“As we move into an exciting new period of development in AI, our proven track record and vast experience of securely delivering real AI-driven automation to enterprises will be a significant advantage, ensuring we continue to rise above our peers and cut through the noise. 

“At Eigen, we have more experience in deploying AI technology to deliver real value in financial services and insurance than almost any other peer company.

“Both David and Simon’s appointments reflect the importance Eigen attaches to delivering value for our customers and our hard-won experience. David has built a superb customer success team that is highly experienced in delivering value for our clients with AI technology. 

“Simon has given us Eigen’s best-in-class security culture and capabilities. I know that for the rest of this decade, those AI companies that succeed will be the ones that have a proven track record of delivering value while putting security first. At Eigen, we are well placed on both.”

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