Posted on February 15, 2019 by staff

Edtech firm opens Manchester base


Edtech firm Twinkl has opened a base in Manchester.

The educational publisher, which has over four million members worldwide, creates online teaching and learning materials for educators and schools.

Founded in 2010, it employs 480 people around the world, with a head office in Sheffield and an office in Wollongong, Australia.

Four team members are based at the Manchester office but the company has plans to expand the team based there in the upcoming months.

Jonathan Seaton, CEO and Founder of Twinkl, said: “We are really proud to have opened this additional space in Manchester and to have some really talented colleagues based here.

“Manchester is a vibrant and exciting city and the perfect place for us to expand as we continue to develop the digital resources we offer, including some really exciting ongoing work in augmented reality for education.

“It was fantastic that so many people were able to join us to celebrate and we really look forward to building on our connections and forming new partnerships in the city in the future.”

The company recently unveiled augmented reality game ARchitect at Bett, which has been developed for Apple devices and challenges children to build a structure using a range of textures while battling against real world physics.

“Twinkl has explored AR in the classroom for some time now, seeing its potential as a technology that is becoming increasingly accessible, has a low cost, is easy to use and has huge scope in terms of how it can be used in lessons,” said CTO Pete Casson.

“We believe technology can be used to aid learning in all subject areas and alongside a range of teaching methods and styles.

“Twinkl always works with the teaching community on any product we design and we will continue to work with educators and children as we explore how augmented reality can be used to support teachers and enhance learning.”

Every month around 8.1 million resources are downloaded from the Twinkl website.