Posted on October 9, 2015 by staff

eCommerce Receives More Sales in UK than US


According to the Office of National Statistics the UK had the highest percentage of sales in 2014.

A comparison of information from Eurostat revealed that 79% of the UK population ordered goods online in 2014 with Denmark following closely behind at 78% and Norway at 77%.

The report revealed that the number of people in the UK using electronics to order goods has increased significantly over the past 10 years rising from 44% in 2005. And consumers are not the only ones benefitting from online ordering, as ecommerce accounted for 20% of UK turnover in 2013.

The ONS report stated: “E-commerce has become an important source of revenue for businesses in the UK.

“This could be due in part to a number of factors, such as UK government initiatives to promote e-commerce and the ‘digital agenda’, alongside potential growth in other areas of the economy in the countries overtaken by Britain, resulting in the percentage of turnover accounted for specifically by e-commerce falling.”

According to the report payment is considered a big problem, with 14% of UK businesses referring to it as an issue for ecommerce transactions.

Statistics from the ONS report also mentioned the need to hire IT employees to cope with the growing technology demand as a result of increasingly digital online businesses.