Posted on May 9, 2017 by staff

Dropbox and Trivago partnership will ‘fuel global expansion’


Dropbox has announced a partnership with one of the world’s largest travel search platforms, Trivago, to help facilitate its global business acceleration.

The US file hosting service has been selected to power the German business, spanning 55 markets around the world.

Trivago employs 1,200 people around the world and this is currently increasing by 10 per week following the its listing on NASDAQ last December.

Following a successful expansion into Latin America and Asia Pacific, and the beginning of construction of a new HQ in Dusseldorf, Dropbox Business will help Trivago continue international growth.

It is hoped the deal will help a growing team keep in sync across geographical barriers.

Sian Williams, ‎of organisational solutions at Trivago, said: “We see ourselves as a fast growing technology company that is serving businesses and consumers around the globe across the hotel search sector, and we want to equip our talented employees with the best tools possible.

“We now employ 1,200 people and are currently growing at 10 new employees per week, so we are building a digital tool kit everyone can use. In order to promote entrepreneurial passion—we have the best tools on the market to ensure it happens, and it’s great that Dropbox encourages the speed we want to work.”

She added: “When it came to deploy, we had a ‘Dropbox Day,’ which went really well and brought a real buzz into the company.
“We are seeing rapid growth in Dropbox use and we have a Slack group dedicated to Dropbox learning and best practice, which really shows the team ethic we have at trivago.”

Trivago was the first hotel search engine in Germany, and is one of the country’s fastest growing companies, doubling profitability since 2008.

Its new HQ campus in Dusseldorf will hold 2,000 people.

Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Austin, New York, Seattle, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Dublin, Hamburg, Herzliya, London, Paris, Sydney, and Tokyo.