Posted on November 5, 2019 by staff

Drone pilots now require a licence to fly


People flying drones in the UK will now have to register their details with the Civil Aviation Authority.

Pilots of drones weighing more than 250g have until the end of November to register with the Civil Aviation Authority, or could face a fine.

They will also be required to show that can pilot their drone safely and legally, by passing on online ‘theory test’ of 20 questions.

Pilots with drones over 250g have been encouraged to visit to access the new system and take the test.

Those not registered, or who fail the test could face a fine of up £1,000 under the new regulations.

After registration, a unique ID will be given to pilots which must be displayed on the device and remain visible, much like a licence plate.

This unique ID also be used to return lost drones to their owners, the CAA said.

Dr Rob Hunter, head of flight safety at airline pilots’ union Balpa, said encouraging responsible drone use is “desperately needed to ensure a collision between an aircraft and a drone is avoided”.

He said: “We have been calling for drone registration for some time now as we believe that in the same way that other vehicles – be it those in the air or on the ground – are registered, so should drones.”

CAA assistant director of communications Jonathan Nicholson said: “The service is about giving something back to the community, helping responsible drone owners and operators to be reunited with lost drones and continue flying.

“Our aim is for the Drones Reunited platform to become an essential service for the drone community – the first port of call for anyone who has lost or found a drone.”