Posted on January 16, 2020 by staff

Draw & Code appoints new CEO


Draw & Code has appointed Spencer Crossley as its new CEO.

The immersive technology studio behind augmented reality video game and toy SwapBots has targeted Crossley, formerly of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment.

He is joining the UK studio to work alongside studio co-founders Andy Cooper and John Keefe, who remain in their current roles as creative director and technical director respectively.

He has a track record in commercialising video game and entertainment IPs and was instrumental to the launch of the Lego video game franchise.

He also has decades of experience as a senior board-level executive and has worked at Hasbro, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Mindscape International.

Meanwhile, as founder of Atomic Entertainment, he has worked on commercial strategy and funding for start-ups and high-growth companies.

“This opportunity to work with such an innovative team in the world of immersive technology, LBE and connected play is thrilling,” said Crossley.

“Immersive location-based entertainment is an area that is already valued at $4.5bn and is growing rapidly, while connected play is a trend in games and toys that is creating opportunities to disrupt the status quo – I look forward to helping Draw & Code unlock their potential in these fast-moving markets.”

Draw & Code were one of the earliest work-for-hire studios to commit to immersive technology. Established nearly 10 years ago, the studio has worked with brands such as Mercedes, Philips, Nokia and Red Bull.

Along the way, the team has pioneered new technical and creative IP internally such as SwapBots and a yet-to-be-revealed LBE (location based entertainment) product.

The impending commercialisation of these products is the impetus for the studio seeking to bolster the team’s strategic expertise.

“Spencer’s experience of bringing interactive entertainment products to market will be invaluable to Draw & Code as we push ourselves into new markets,” said Cooper.

“This revised company structure will also allow the existing management team to focus on production, R&D into new technologies and to continue to grow our client base.”

During 2020 SwapBots will be launching to retail after a successful Kickstarter campaign.