Posted on September 7, 2017 by staff

‘Don’t procrastinate on an idea – act now’


Once you’ve got your idea don’t delay because there are other people hot on your heels says Meggan Roxanne, founder of @thegoodquote and digital entrepreneur.

The platform combines inspirational quotes with images to inspire a millennial audience. Roxanne started the platform on Tumblr after becoming depressed in 2010 and being unable to find anything inspiring online to motivate her.

After combining a quote and image and posting it to her account she woke up to thousands of followers and now has over 20 million following her brand, which has moved to social media site  Instagram and also includes The Good Co media agency.

Her advice to entrepreneurs comes with less than a week to go until BusinessCloud’s ‘Female Founders in Tech’ list closes for nominations on September 11th.

“Don’t procrastinate on an idea because once it’s out there it becomes available to anyone,” Roxanne told BusinessCloud.

“There’s someone out there right now with the same idea as you with less than what you have and working twice as hard.”

Researching and networking is also a key part of succeeding as a new founder, says Roxanne.

“I’ve learnt in my journey that certain things wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t know the right people,” she said.

“You can never know too much either so consistently read as much as you can about the area you’re going into. They say 10,000 hours makes you an expert and that’s definitely true.

“And just go for it – put aside your fear. It’s so crazy that in a world where we judge people for being themselves, it’s people who are themselves who get furthest in life.

“Believe in your truth and put 100 per cent of your self-belief into it and you’ll succeed no matter what you’re doing. Just keep going.”

Nominations for BusinessCloud’s Female Role Models list are still open – for more information on the criteria and how to enter see below.


  • ‘Female founder’ is defined as a woman who started or co-founded a tech business (they do not need to currently still be involved in the business)
  • Tech is defined as a company that is using tech to disrupt a traditional industry or is creating / selling a technology-based product
  • To be considered the business must be based in the UK and the nominee should currently be living in the UK
  • The judges are looking for supporting information, such as evidence of commercial success; growth; or global impact
  • The closing date for entries is September 11th, 2017