Octopus Money and divorce specialist amicable have tied the knot.

Octopus Money, part of Octopus Group, has acquired a majority stake in the London company which aims to transform the way couples end relationships.

“This is a hugely positive change as it enables amicable to continue to grow and expand our suite of services to help more couples separate in a kinder and better way,” said co-founder Kate Daly, also host of The Divorce Podcast.

“Since founding amicable in 2015, we have grown into a trusted brand that helps couples avoid the emotional and financial turmoil of divorce through a kinder, more collaborative and tech-enabled process than the traditional lawyer-led model.

“Existing and new customers will benefit from the same high-quality, amicable service we currently offer. Excitingly we will be expanding our range of products and services, including a new release for our co-parenting app and access to a wide range of financial services from the Octopus Money family.

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“amicable will work with sister brands Octopus Money and Guardian Angel to help customers navigate the financial, legal and administrative headaches that difficult life events can involve.”

Octopus Money is a business working to make money advice accessible to everyone through a hybrid approach of experienced coaches, advisers and technology.

To date, it has partnered with hundreds of workplaces, giving hundreds of thousands of employees access to personalised money advice.

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