Posted on February 26, 2019 by staff

Dimelo integrates with WhatsApp Business solution


Dimelo has announced its integration with WhatsApp’s business solution to allows businesses to interact with customers through WhatsApp.

With the WhatsApp Business solution, users can opt-in to start a conversation with businesses who then have 24 hours to reply, and if late, may be charged as a way of encouraging effective customer care.

The integration aims to provide customers with flexibility and a more personalised experience to allow agents to fit around customers’ needs.

Dimelo is a cloud-based digital customer engagement platform and will be relying on the RingCentral Engage omni-digital platform to allow the 1.5 billion WhatsApp users to contact businesses.

“Messaging is the future of customer care. With this new integration, Dimelo enables its clients to engage with their customers in a fast and effective way,” said Stéphane Lee, Dimelo’s Managing Director and co-founder.

“Customers directly chatting with a business are able to enjoy the same experience as when they talk to their peers, at the same time, companies are able to manage all their digital conversations through a single platform.

“Messaging tools like the WhatsApp Business solution help companies to improve, personalise and speed up their customers’ interactions.”

Dimelo clients who benefit from implementing the WhatsApp Business solution include cDiscount, Crédit Mutuel and AXA.