Posted on July 4, 2019 by staff

Digital subscription platform Blaize raises £2.5m


Customer experience platform for the subscription economy Blaize has raised £2.5m

The funds, from a seed round from venture capitalist Nauta Capital, will allow the firm to double its team to meet a growing demand and expand their commercial offering in America.

The London-based SaaS company enables businesses to design and roll-out personalised digital subscriptions.

Designed for publishers and brands, it allows them to offer digital subscription without technical infrastructure changes.

Launched in 2018, the company is led by co-founder and CEO James Henderson, who conceived Blaize while leading the technical strategy consulting firm, Odin Solutions.

“The rapid growth of the subscription economy means companies across all industries must transition from static, ‘one-size fits all’ digital journeys to personalised unique experiences for every consumer,” said Henderson.

“For media, this need is compounded by a massive decline in advertising revenue. Blaize makes it possible to address these challenges head-on at speed and at scale.”

Carles Ferrer, Nauta Capital’s London-based General Partner will be joining Blaize’s board and will support the company’s growth plans.

Commenting on the round, Carles said: “We believe Blaize is uniquely positioned to be the go-to solution for all subscription businesses; from the media and entertainment industry to e-commerce, finance and enterprise SaaS.

“In less than a year – and without external funding – James and the team have built a highly reputable customer-base and achieved great commercial traction, so we are excited to join Blaize on this incredible journey.”

Commenting on the round, James said: “Partnering with Nauta on this investment round will enable us to scale our technology and commercial teams, increase our market share in the media sector, then move into new verticals.

“Nauta has a proven track record in backing and supporting highly successful B2B software businesses, so we’re delighted to be gaining access to their expertise and community.”