Posted on August 12, 2015 by staff

Digital Scotland Receives Funding for Superfast Broadband


Scottish Government’s Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme is to receive an extra £18m worth of funding to accelerate broadband rollout in some of the rural communities in Scotland.

The announcement was made when Ullapool in the Highlands, one of the towns set to benefit from the extra cash, received a visit from the Scottish Cabinet.

Director of digital at Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Stuart Robertson, said: “We’re delighted people have been quick to embrace the benefits. It’s great news that take-up in our first communities is directly helping us to bring better broadband to even more people.”

Deputy first minister John Swinny said: “Improved connectivity is a major priority for the Scottish government, and a boost like this will allow the continued roll-out of this technology to an even greater number of rural areas.

“We are working with BT to ensure that our investment in the DSSB programme extends coverage as far as possible; while, at the same time, getting clarity on which areas won’t be reached. This will allow these communities to work with Community Broadband Scotland to explore alternative solutions in parallel with DSSB roll-out.

“We are now seeing huge strides forward in transforming the future of connectivity for Scotland’s rural communities and businesses, many of which would never have seen these kinds of connections through the commercial market.”

Scotland’s BDUK programme plans to pass 85% of premises in the country by March 2016 and has already seen 365,000 out of a targeted 750,000 premises passed by fibre broadband across Scotland. It is currently on track to meet the national target of 95% of properties by December 2017.