Posted on April 26, 2018 by staff

Digital branding studio launches recruitment drive


Newcastle-based digital branding outfit Layers Studio expects to at least double its workforce in the next six months as the company responds to international demand for its services.

Led by founder and creative director James Hanson, Layers will look to expand its current team from three to eight in 2018 as it hopes to build on its position as one of the region’s leading design and brand building forces.

Since launching in 2016 the company has landed a string of high-profile clients including the likes of the award-winning brewer Sonnet 43 and has led on innovative in-house projects including the development of the construction and utility web application, Ctrl Hub.

Most recently, Layers has been fronting the brand development of Study Atlas, a pioneering online platform where students can search, apply and compare further education courses here in the UK.

With a selection of UK colleges and universities on board with the technology and a further £50,000 investment confirmed by the Chinese Investment company Tuspark, Study Atlas is now set to launch in both New Zealand and Australia next year.

Layers will now embark on the second phase of the Study Atlas campaign and will look to hire front end web developers, digital marketing graduates and experienced designers so that it can achieve its ambitious growth plans.

“The largest project we have worked on over the last 12 months comes in the form of the Study Atlas brand and the platform itself,” said Hanson.

“This was a major project for us, lasting four months and we’re just getting into stage two on this as we speak.

“We are looking to diversify our internal team’s skill set. As we grow, I’d like to see some more creative designers and engineers come into the company, as well as digital marketers, to meet our clients’ needs.

“We’re very excited about the next phase of our development and we’re very proud to be members of organisations like Digital Union.

“The North East has all the ingredients needed to be a force to be reckoned with on a global scale for innovation and creative digital solutions.

“As a small business, even with growth ambitions, we see the best way for this to get better is through collaboration and Digital Union helps us meet those needs.”

Based at Campus North in Newcastle, Layers Studio serves clients who require innovative brand-led solutions for their business, products or services.

From exciting websites to pioneering digital products that provide services and tools to users around the world, the company has said that its aim is to create innovative solutions and believes great brands can inspire, educate and help people in meaningful ways.