Data and analytics software company Quantexa has partnered with professional services giant Deloitte. 

London-based Quantexa enables the contextual monitoring of criminal activities and says the move will help enterprises establish a robust framework against organised crime and offer a powerful defence against the rise of illicit finance, economic crime and an epidemic of fraud. 

Deloitte will utilise Quantexa’s Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) platform to enable its clients to monitor payment flows and gain a more accurate picture of the holistic risks presented from customers and associated third parties, legitimate and otherwise. 

Economic crime constantly evolves as criminals seek newer, more sophisticated techniques to evade detection in the increasingly interconnected and digital world. Opportunities for bad actors have only increased with lockdown as digital transformation accelerated and proven compliance processes adapted to increasingly remote transactions.  

Quantexa’s contextual monitoring software provides a single view of data with analytics capability that enhances the efficiency, effectiveness and consistency of operational investigations and monitoring.

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Deloitte, whose proven global expertise in compliance and governance is the perfect fit for our CDI technology. New risks demand new technology and techniques,” said CEO Vishal Marria. 

“Organisations need to rethink the use of traditional rules-based approaches to monitoring activity, which are inflexible and incapable of dealing with the complexity and scale of today’s enterprise data demands.” 

Andrew Oates, Partner at Deloitte, commented: Working with Quantexa, Deloitte clients are developing sustainable and future-focused contextual monitoring capabilities. CDI provides what is fast becoming the new standard for fighting illicit finance and economic crime. 

Our deep economic crime subject matter expertise, combined with Quantexa’s technology and advanced analytics, enables our clients to identify trends, monitor known risks and detect new threats more effectively – it is the next evolution of illicit finance and economic crime monitoring.