Posted on April 6, 2017 by staff

Deliveroo says new Editions roll-out will create 1,000 jobs


Food delivery website Deliveroo is rolling out its new Deliveroo Editions service across the UK, providing brands and small eateries with a means of delivering food without the need for restaurant.

Deliveroo claims that the launch will generate 1,000 new jobs across the country and has plans to roll-out the service internationally.

“I think that’s especially relevant for people starting off,” founder Will Shu told City AM.

“For young entrepreneurs… who don’t necessarily have the capital to start a restaurant this is a way to show banks that the business can generate revenue, that there’s a customer base.”

“And for the more established guys, it costs £500,000 to £1m of capital expenditure to open a high-street restaurant. They’re not going to want to do that everywhere,” he said.

“So this is a good way to go into areas they wouldn’t otherwise go. And then, if it goes really well, they can decide to open a restaurant as well.”

The kitchen-only service was initially trialled in London and will now come to a further 10 UK cities. By the end of 2017, Deliveroo Editions will have 30 locations across the UK.

The data collated from the service will be fed back to Deliveroo restaurant partners as a way to gauge the appetite for a bricks and mortar base in areas that do not already have one.