Posted on April 20, 2017 by staff

Datatrade’s ‘Preventenance’ service to slash downtime


Northampton-based Datatrade’s newly launched Preventenance service will enable enterprises to be more proactive in their device maintenance and minimise downtime by pre-empting failures in their supply chain.

The new managed service runs real-time health checks on printers, scanners, handheld computers and other electronic assets to spot likely failures and enable pre-emptive and timely repairs and replacements to be carried out.

“By having total visibility of assets − from barcode printers on factory floors to electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) devices in vans and lorries − our customers can easily see, for example, when scanner batteries or printheads need replacing,” says Datatrade’s managing director Peter Laplanche.

“Our Preventenance service is more than predictive maintenance (PdM) or preventative maintenance (PM), it’s more intuitive. It relies in part on a cloud-based visibility solution where users can monitor the condition of all their assets from a simple dashboard.”

Datatrade claims customers using the new package will now see total visibility of their fleet and free access to 24×7 call logging by Datatrade itself – as opposed to a call centre – as well as next business day on-site printer fix by Datatrade field engineers. Installation and device performance reporting will also be among the services provided.

Businesses that rely on uninterrupted supply chains, including manufacturers, retailers, healthcare estates, utilities and T&L operators will see most benefit from the service says the company.

Such enterprises know only too well the true cost of downtime on factory floors, warehouses, hospitals and out on the road, and any initiative that prevents such instances happening increases profitability and operational efficiency.

“We’ve been offering managed print services (MPS) and mobile device management (MDM) in the back office for several years, delivering cost savings and efficiencies on a par with lease+click MPS found in front offices,” said Laplanche.

“What makes us uniquely placed to offer this more comprehensive service is our 30 years+ of experience, our strong relationship with OEMs like Zebra Technologies and an unparalleled team of field-based engineers − a rare sight these days.”