Posted on October 30, 2017 by staff

Data firm Gama opens Middle Eastern base


Manchester-based data firm Gama has launched operations in the United Arab Emirates as it seeks to drive expansion in the Middle East & India.

Gama, a global platform specialising in product innovation and international trade, has a presence in around 50 countries and was one of our ‘101 Rising Stars of the UK Tech Start-up Scene’ this year.

Its web and mobile app subscription platform Compass provides companies with data and insights to support strategic decision-making.

The new operation will be headed by Jude Pereira, an entrepreneur with knowledge of the Middle East and Indian markets. It will serve companies in the UAE and the wider Middle East, in addition to the Indian subcontinent.

“I am thrilled to be able to announce the opening of our Middle East & Indian operations, enabling Gama to translate its innovative business model and unique content and insights to support companies in unlocking new opportunities across the two regions,” said founder and CEO Cesar Pereira.

“I am equally delighted that this exciting new venture will be led by Jude Pereira, an outstanding business leader with almost 30 years’ experience in the Middle East and Indian markets, and a proven track record of driving growth and delivering success across the globe.”

Located in Dubai, the business will support FMCG retailers and manufacturers to tap into new opportunities in the regions’ fast-growing consumer goods sector.

“I am excited to join Gama and to be able to bring this unique offering to the Middle East & India. Food & drink is a rapidly-expanding sector, and companies will increasingly need to rely on robust data and compelling insights to maximise their chances of success in this dynamic market,” said Jude Pereira.

“Through its unique proposition and tailored solutions, Gama will be the perfect partner for forward-looking manufacturers and retailers looking to streamline their innovation strategy and tap into new business opportunities.”