Darktrace has reported a rapid increase in customer numbers and revenue.

In the first half-year results to be reported since the cybersecurity AI leader listed on the London Stock Exchange, it saw year-over-year growth of almost 40% in the number of customers, at least 45% in annual recurring revenue and at least 50% in revenue.

The group ended the first half of the financial year – the six months to December 31st – with 6,531 customers. It expects ARR at the end of that period of at least $426 million, with revenue of at least $190m. It said sales performance was better than expected.

The results have led to increased expectations for the 2022 financial year at the Cambridge-headquartered firm.

“I am very pleased that we have continued to deliver strong growth across our customer base, ARR and revenue in 1H FY 2022,” said Cathy Graham, CFO of Darktrace. 

“We also achieved our aim of driving improvement in churn and net ARR retention rates over the past six months by leveraging our customer success team and focusing on upsell programmes.


“In December, we delivered the first module of our new Prevent product line to early adopters. This is the next logical step in fulfilling our vision of creating a Continuous AI Loop, a virtuous circle that equips customers with a suite of technologies that strengthen and reinforce each other. 

“The power of our innovative underlying technology, Self-Learning AI, enables us to expand our ability to protect organisations from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.”

Darktrace has more than 1,700 employees and more than 30 offices worldwide.

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