Posted on July 26, 2016 by staff

Daily data breaches the norm – and employees are at fault


IT managers are thwarting data breaches on a daily basis, according to a new report.

A survey of 250 managers by intelligent key management and data security company WinMagic found that a staggering 23 per cent claim to stop a breach every day.

Such a breach could be the result of an attack on the network or an employee inadvertently sending or taking information out of the corporate network without adequate care.

WinMagic also found that 41 per cent of 1,000 employees surveyed believe digital security is solely the IT department’s responsibility.

However 17 per cent admitted they are “somewhat likely” to open an attachment from an unknown sender, with IT managers rating employees as the second biggest risk behind hackers to security (24 per cent).

The increasing use of personal devices to access work documents is a worry – and encryption is not sufficient to protect against human error.

“Encryption itself can be a complex task open to human error,” said Andreas Jensen, enterprise director for EMEA at WinMagic.

“IT managers must recognise this and ensure they have the processes and tools in place to facilitate effective encryption across the entire device estate.

“Devices change and move as much as the data itself and encryption is not a tick box task.

“By using automation and effective tools, businesses can ensure that the last of defence from hackers and human error, is robust and minimises the chance and impact of a data breach.”

Meanwhile, cyber security firms have teamed up with Dutch police and Europol to launch a website dedicated to fighting the surge in ransomware.