The month of October marks cybersecurity month that promotes cybersecurity among EU organizations and citizens.

Naturally, there’s no better time for all to reflect on their organization’s data handling, network security, data protection, and most importantly, the threats associated with their company’s current cybersecurity system. 

Over the past few years, technology became an indispensable part of the workplace. However, the spread of COVID-19 impelled the growth of technology up a notch with the work from home policy. From email collaborations, professional networking to financial transactions and collaborative projects online, organizations largely rely on technology to conduct their work efficiently and stay connected all the time. 

You are at risk of cyber security attack

With efficiency comes a threat. All these lines of collaboration and communication are prone to attacks and compromises that can jeopardize your business. An example of one of the most high profile cyber-attacks would be when TalkTalk, a telecom giant, had its confidential information hacked back in 2015. This resulted in a record fine of 40,000 Euros for security failure.

According to one of the cybersecurity breach surveys, almost 43% of all UK organizations and businesses reported security breaches or attacks in the past one year. One important revelation is that it is not only big corporations that are at risk, but many small businesses are also compromised and go down because of cybersecurity breaches. 

Get accustomed to cybersecurity threats

Some of the common cybersecurity threats include fraudulent emails, scammers impersonating businesses, viruses, and malware. These threats can lead to loss of files, damaged software systems, or website corruption. In the worst cases, it can also lead to failure and breach of intellectual property and assets. 

To add to the misery, these data losses and breaches can cost approximately 3000 Euros, creating a substantial impact on small businesses. Hence, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you are in the growing stage of your business. Hence, there is a need to learn and understand how these attacks work. This information and knowledge will help you safeguard your business with appropriate protection measures. 

Data leak protection

One of the most common threats to cybersecurity is a data leak. All kinds of businesses hold some data, whether it’s a customer’s personal data, intellectual properties, or other equally vital data. When this data is leaked, it can cause maximum damage to individuals as well as businesses.

One of the best ways to protect your data is to limit the personal information available in the public domain. There are various ways to protect your data and the best way is to hire one of the London IT support and services to manage your IT system and protect it from attacks and vulnerabilities. 

Ransomware protection

Ransomware is malware that poses a threat to the cybersecurity of a business. Ransomware encrypts businesses’ data and can only be unlocked in exchange for a large sum of money. While data saved in a computer is at high risk of such a threat, it has gained notability with the prevalence of cloud services as a means of storing data. 

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make while storing data is not keeping a backup. There is a general conception that the information is secure on a cloud-based system. However, even these platforms are not 100% safe. Hence, a data backup is always a smart and safe way to protect your business from ransomware. 

Moreover, if you are hiring an IT support and service provider, they also help guard your data with additional protection and best cybersecurity practices. 

The effect of cyber crime on your business

An ignorance of cybersecurity can possibly be the biggest mistake you make towards your business. While you are oblivious to the threat, it may slowly corrupt your system and bring your business down within a few hours.

Hence, the first step towards protection against cybercrime is to practice best cybersecurity measures, comply with the government and the union laws that work towards the betterment of cybersecurity, and hire experts to take care of your IT needs. 

Some of the best London-based IT support and service providers work towards providing affordable services for all businesses with advanced protection and management. You may look them up and decide what’s best suited for your company.