Posted on March 15, 2018 by staff

Cryptocurrency ticket sale launched for esports platform


esports loyalty platform RewardMob has revealed plans of its expansion into mobile esports by launching a tournament ticket sale.

The ticket sale is the first skill-based gaming platform of its kind created on blockchain technology.

The company launched a free-to-play version of its competitive mobile esports tournament app in January and has already picked up more than 65,000 registered players and 500,000 tournament entries.

RewardMob says it is integrating its own digital currency into the app to make skill-based mobile gaming accessible worldwide. It says that by removing cash from the equation, players no longer have to deal with exchange rates or credit card limitations.

Players can instantly remove the value of their tokens to their wallets or use them to make in-app purchases in other games or apps.

RewardMob has already partnered with several leading mobile game developers including BigCode Games, GameAnax, Dumadu Games and PlayPay Games. Combined, these studios have more than 2,500 game titles and 150 million game installations.

“We are excited to be working with RewardMob and the opportunity to make our games even more exciting for our fans,” said BigCode Games founder Mohammed Ahmed.

“RewardMob will help bring a mobile esports feel to our games allowing our users to play for free and win real money, prizes and cryptocurrency.”

RewardMob, unlike most offerings in the cryptocurrency space, already has a working product, has an integrated token in place and an essential mix of an enthusiastic player base, plus AAA-rated gaming content providers.

The upcoming ticket sale will also attract players to a new movement in mobile esports: cryptogaming. The revenue from the sale of tickets will flow back into prizing and marketing so that the company can further attract players, game developers and advertisers to the platform.

RewardMob has created a Telegram channel to provide real-time player support in a community environment.

RewardMob CTO Colin Bracey said: “RewardMob is one of the first cryptogaming apps on the market, so we were very excited to see how players would react.

“The Telegram channel allows for instant feedback, so we know how our users are responding within minutes of releasing a new update or game.

“Our early adopters were instrumental in helping us develop the app – reporting bugs, suggesting design changes, and providing us with an enthusiasm that has really driven this project forward.

“As we now look to move into the larger market with a much more polished product, we hope the channel will continue to provide a place for our users to be heard, chat with our developers and interact with other players from all over the world.”