Posted on September 27, 2017 by staff

Cryptocurrency fund to help Mexican earthquake casualties


A FinTech start-up based in Mexico City has created a cryptocurrency fund to help rebuild a school and help families affected by the recent earthquake.

AirTM co-founder Ruben Galindo Steckel and his colleagues were caught up in the natural disaster on 19th September which killed more than 300 people.

The quake, which measured 7.1 on the Richter scale, also left thousands without a home.

AirTM, which offers cloud-based e-wallets to the developing world, is accepting donations in all major cryptocurrencies.

“We were working in our office in downtown Mexico City when the earthquake hit. As we evacuated into the street we knew this earthquake was something else,” Galindo Steckel said.

“Like all Mexicans, this natural disaster affected us deeply and we have been shocked to see the collapsed buildings and the catastrophic consequences of this earthquake in our home town, Mexico City.

“We want to help rebuild the lives of those affected.

“We are calling on the generosity of the cryptocommunity, who will have read about the terrible scenes in Mexico, especially at the Enrique Rebsámen school which collapsed in the earthquake.

“We ask them to donate what they can to our fund, using cryptocurrencies.

“It will then be converted to fiat and used to rebuild the Enrique Rebsámen school and support families who lost homes and loved ones in this natural disaster.”