Doctor Care Anywhere has reported significant revenue growth in the first quarter of 2021. 

The London-based digital health services provider says it anticipates benefit from the speed of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the UK. 

For the three months ended 31st March, revenue totalled £4.4 million, up 16.5% on the previous quarter. 

The 90,500 consultations in the period were up 21.9% on Q4 2020. Doctor Care Anywhere says the pandemic has driven a level of acceptance of telehealth services in the past 12 months that might previously have taken five years. 

The firm is confident of delivering yearonyear revenue growth of at least 100% above FY 2020.

“Following a very positive start to the year, our outlook for 2021 remains strongTelemedicine’s role in meeting patients’ needs has been made unarguable by the events of the last 12 months,” said CEO and founder Dr Bayju Thakar. 

“Our business is performing strongly, which reflects both the short and long-term changes driving consumer demand for telehealth.  

The easing of UK lockdown measures in conjunction with the vaccine rollout is expected to accelerate growth in the company’s secondary care services and diagnostic pathways, as previously restricted hospital availability now returns to normal.  

In addition to this, Doctor Care Anywhere expects additional growth in its virtual consultations, with the health system still under pressure and longerthanusual waiting times for GP appointments in some parts of the country.