Posted on October 4, 2016 by staff

Councils sign up for Government ID pilots


Nineteen local authorities will be involved in a Government pilot scheme for its new identity assurance service.

In September the Government Digital Service announced plans to launch two Verify identity verification application pilots: one for elderly travel passes and the other on residents’ parking permits.

Fourteen councils have signed up for the parking permit scheme while 11 will work on travel passes. Six will try out both.

The plan is to roll the service out across other government departments, such as HMRC and tax.

Jess McEvoy, GDS interim programme director for Verify, said: “The pilots are a true collaboration across a large number of organisations, working in the open.

“I’m really delighted with the response we’ve received from local authorities so far and all the input we’ve had from the sector in shaping our approach.

“We can’t wait to get started.”

A digital services firm has called on the Government to improve public services, deliver greater efficiency and improve people’s lives through technology.

The Verify software asks users to set up an account with one of a list of companies certified to verify their identity. The list includes firms such as the Post Office and Barclays and is set to grow in number.

After asking relevant questions or performing checks, that company will then confirm the person’s identity to the government department they are trying to use.

In time, it should allow people quick, easy and safe access to their details across a range of departments.

Criteria that the authorities have agreed to meet relate to transparency, providing a dedicated council team with a single point of contact and agreeing that any products created as part of the project remain open source.

The Government has pledged £220 million of tech funding in healthcare and life sciences to “future-proof the economy of post-Brexit Britain”.