Posted on November 2, 2016 by staff

Cosmetics firm nails sales increase through Formisimo


Manchester start-up Formisimo is helping a leading cosmetics company achieve a €5 million sales increase.

Client Pink Gellac, a leading manufacturer of gel nail polish, has seen a 14 per cent increase in online sales after Formisimo helped them improve their checkout process earlier this year.

The international manufacturer and retailer sells directly to customers in the US, UK and Europe through their eCommerce websites.

Steven Renes, CEO of Pink Gellac, said: “Formisimo increased our turnover by a million euros, which will increase to €5m euros over the next 12 months. This is a significant return on investment.

“Installing Formisimo was easy and the Formisimo team supported me throughout. We went from installation to seeing valuable insights very quickly.

“Formisimo has allowed us to get the most out of our marketing budget. Their insights allowed us to maximise the value of the traffic that visited our site.”

Al Mackin, CEO and founder of Formisimo said: “Pink Gellac are a fast-moving, forward-thinking business.

“They’re focused on the customer and the experience they have online.

“The Formisimo team worked with Pink Gellac to ensure that the integration process was pain-free, and our platform delivered powerful, actionable insight that has led to a strong increase in sales.

“More and more e-commerce retailers are using Formisimo to diagnose and fix the critical final steps in the buying funnel.

“Pink Gellac are a great example of a company that used Formisimo to attack the problem. They’re now seeing a game-changing increase in income. ”

Formisimo’s brief was to gain access to deep customer-driven intelligence on how to improve the online checkout process in time for the busy Christmas period.

It recorded and analysed millions of data points across tens of thousands of website visitors, turning that analysis into insight.

Formisimo highlighted where customers were dropping out of the checkout process, where the pain points and frustration were and which parts of the checkout weren’t performing well.

Pink Gellac used this insight to roll out changes to their checkout process.

Below: Al Mackin on Manchester’s tech scene