HealthUnlocked has been acquired by worldwide leader Corrona. 

London-based HealthUnlocked is a social network of 1.3 million patients across hundreds of condition-specific communities.  

Moderated by over 500 patient advocacy groups, it captures insights to better understand what matters most to these patients.  

Corrona, based in Massachusetts, US, describes itself as a built-for-purpose source of gold-standard real-world evidence. 

HealthUnlocked will be integrated into Corrona’s HealthiVibe business unit to establish an innovative and holistic snapshot of the patient.  

“By combining with HealthUnlocked, we are expanding our broad set of capabilities–ranging from highly granular and longitudinal structured data across our eight registries, to broader patient insights from HealthUnlocked,” said Abbe Steel, Chief Patient Officer of Corrona 

“The HealthUnlocked communities provide access to engaged patients across the globe, allowing us to better understand the patient experience and what matters most to patients.  

Our organisation is positioned to expand its expertise in gathering, analysing, and applying deep patient insights to optimize the patient journey and bring significant value to our clients.”  

Jorge Armanet, CEO of HealthUnlockedsaid: “We are thrilled to be joining Corrona to help further expand its patient-centred solutions.  

Over the past 10 years, we have created a robust real-world data engine with the patient at its core. Patients that engage in our communities offer a unique perspective, creating not only a truly powerful resource for the research industry, but also invaluable peer-to-peer support.  

This support allows millions of patients globally to become more confident, and to interact more easily with healthcare professionals.”