Posted on March 24, 2020 by staff

Coronavirus ideas exchange: Time to reassure clients & investors


There has been a society-wide transition to working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many businesses have had to change their model altogether as the government recommends the avoidance of all but necessary contact with others. Others are now struggling to stay in business.

Our daily ‘Coronavirus ideas exchange’ is giving businesses in all sectors an opportunity to chronicle the move to working from home – and offer tips on how to limit its impact or even harness new opportunities.

What has been the biggest change for you and your business?

Raminta Lilaite, co-founder at Blue Oceans PR: “As smaller clients are stopping their payments, we have had to reduce paychecks, but our workload has only increased. We are offering free PR help, and the amount of work with existing clients has only increased as they find out about the value of communications during the crisis.”

Carla Rossi, Market Manager at global travel platform Expedia Group: “A huge downturn due to Covid-19 and uncertainty in the industry across all its sectors.”

Reda Maher, Global Head of Publishing Experience at digital sports media giant DAZN: “The suspension of sporting events.”

Describe a challenge you have faced – and how you overcame it

Lilaite: “Convincing a client to continue the same level of communication about their services (and not necessarily always tying their story to COVID-19). As a result, a press release sent on behalf of this IT client, that was not related to the virus at all, has already received attention from The Telegraph and The Independent, and we are organising interviews with the CEO. The client has realised that now it’s the right time to communicate about their values, their services and to continue business as usual.”

Rossi: “My division is business development, so we have had to pivot into using our consultative skills to help accommodation partners get through this and stronger out of it if possible.”

Maher: “The lack of live sports; switching our focus to remotely produced editorial programming.”

What key tips do you have for others?

Lilaite: “If you are a tech company, and can afford a budget for PR, even if minimal, you should still strive to use the power of PR in this period, as this is the moment you can talk about your values and reassure your clients, investors and partners. This is the time to have your voice heard.”

Rossi: “Be open and adaptable. Set a strategy for the day and week. Check in regularly and organise time wisely to be productive. Don’t underestimate potential distractions! And lastly, but not least – set up a comfortable space to avoid strain and poor posture.”

Maher: “High-speed fibre optic broadband is essential. Regular calls and updates. Make use of video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams.”


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