Consumer research platform Attest has raised $15m (£12.1m) investment led by an undisclosed investor.

The funding will be used to accelerate the firm’s expansion in the US, where its American team including Senior Vice President North America Marc Schraer and Account Executive Tamer Abouleinein are based.

Clients to recently sign up or grow contracts with Attest include Santander, Farfetch, Gymshark, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Klarna, Discovery, and Heineken.

The recent investment follows a $16m Series A round last year.

“We’re thrilled to announce this new investment and these two key appointments. It means we’re one step closer to making insights on-demand a reality for every business and function.” says Jeremy King, Founder and CEO of Attest.

“Attest exists to make consumer research so simple and accessible, it’s open for anyone in any business to continuously use at a global scale. With many companies seeking clarity on events evolving in real-time, and working hard to adjust to remote working, quick access to reliable data is more important than ever.

“Attest is perfect for teams working remotely, as it’s designed to help conduct any research, all from your laptop, with built-in collaboration.”

“Our clients are making really amazing discoveries, like how recent product scarcity has opened up new buyers, new habits and new channels. Trends and patterns are changing constantly, and our clients are able to gain instant feedback on live ideas.

“Several clients have had some really bold moves related to rapidly-evolving market conditions, and when it comes to knowing what works vs. what’s overstepping the limits, consumers hold all the answers.”