Posted on July 21, 2016 by staff

Connected world to make air travel SAFER not more dangerous


An aerospace technology expert says the increasingly online world could make air travel SAFER.

There are fears that terrorists could one day bring down a plane by hacking into systems remotely.

However Joakim Everstin, head of innovation at global airline solutions company Sabre, says these are unfounded and believes we could instead benefit through improved emergency responses.

“I don’t see this as a danger,” he told BusinessCloud. “It could actually mean the opposite.

“Technology can offer us better means through which to communicate during travel, so that if there is a disaster or emergency – such as severe storms, volcanic eruptions and anything else that shuts down an airport – things can be rectified a lot quicker than they would have been in the past.”

Sabre itself has developed recovery management technology for airlines which enables them to minimise disruption to passengers in such extreme cases.

“It would now take an average of just one hour to solve these disruptions, as opposed to around six hours previously,” he said.

“It can get the airline back on plan within two days, compared with four previously.

“It also enables airlines to update their passengers on such situations in real time.”

Everstin also told BusinessCloud that virtual reality will one day be used to entertain and communicate with regular air passengers, while tech will personalise air travel in many fantastic ways.