Posted on August 6, 2019 by staff

Comms firm Moneypenny enhances AI with tech partnerships


Outsourced communications provider Moneypenny has teamed up with cloud communications platform Twilio and Jabra, an engineering communications and sound solutions firm to enhance its AI platform.

The firm, which provides telephone answering, live chat, switchboard and multichannel customer services to more than 225,000 customers, has been working with Twilio for 18 months to further enhance its AI capability and connect communication channels.

Moneypenny uses AI within its internal systems, each of the 15 million annual client communications undertaken by Moneypenny generates five learnings, which are then used to make the services even more efficient.

To further enhance Moneypenny’s AI capability, the company is also working with Jabra on headsets which feed vital AI information, such as background noise measurement and simple speech analytics, into Twilio Flex. .

“We are delighted to be working with Twilio and Jabra to enhance our services for our clients,” said Joanna Swash, Global CEO of Moneypenny.

“With Twilio Flex we are able to streamline our communication services, such as telephone answering, Live Chat and WhatsApp, into one integrated interface, which will assist our AI capability.

“Our new Jabra headsets will work with these systems to provide further AI information so our services will remain at the forefront of technology. Over 90 per cent of the businesses that work with us would never have access to this communication technology on their own, but they’re accessing it every day, via our services.”

Mauro Caule, Senior Business Development Manager from Jabra added: “Jabra is committed to providing sound solutions that are engineered to support excellence in call quality and superior sound.”