Posted on August 11, 2017 by staff

Clicky channels TV advertising with Sky AdSmart


Clicky, one of the North West’s leading digital agencies based in Chester, has become the first in the region to offer business advertising platform Sky AdSmart.

The technology is a brand new platform from Sky which allows business of all shapes and sizes to advertise on national channels as part of their multichannel digital strategy.

A UK first, Sky AdSmart is a groundbreaking approach to TV advertising which gives businesses the capability to target different demographics who are all watching the same programme with the potential to reach over nine million UK Sky TV users.

“We have been waiting a long time for TV to catch up with other digital advertising platforms,” said Oliver Yeates, CEO of Clicky.

“By introducing this type of focused advertising into homes that directly reach the target consumers, Sky has really opened up the opportunity for digital agencies to enjoy the immersive nature of TV.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer this innovative advertising platform to our clients which allows ROI to be measured and with both the client base and industries that we work with, it’s really exciting to see the opportunities we can create.”

From Sky1 and National Geographic Channel to MTV, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports there are over 50 different channels that are currently ‘AdSmartable’.

Sky AdSmart bridges the gap in the advertising market and enables Clicky’s clients to have with the most effective and focussed digital strategy by reaching wider audiences that have been specifically targeted by household attributes.

Ranging from finance, lifestyle and household attributes to location and even whether a user’s car insurance is up for renewal , Clicky’s marketing team are able to mix and match different attributes to put together a highly targeted audience for the adverts.

Having received specific training by Sky firsthand, the team can ensure that the advert is seen by their clients’ ideal audience, even if the house next door is seeing something completely different.

The Sky AdSmart package is just another string in Clicky’s bow, with a number of new client wins in the past few months, including; Carden Park Hotel, Visit Northumberland, bespoke furniture company, Neville Johnson and luxury kitchen designers, Tom Howley.