Posted on February 22, 2018 by staff

Clearvision turnover hits £22m in 2017


Software services company Clearvision has reported another year of record growth.

Turnover at the company rose to more than £22m at the end of 2017 (from £17.3m in its previous financial year) a 27 per cent y-o-y increase.

Founder and CEO Gerry Tombs attributes the phenomenal growth to the continued trend for digital transformation across all business types and size, as well as Clearvision’s innovations and expansion into new areas, in particular its capability to take teams and technology to the cloud.

The independently owned business operates across five locations, with headquarters in Southampton, and employs 90 people.

In addition to maintaining strong relationships with existing clients, Clearvision gained more than 100 new clients in 2017, including Apple, Fox, Bentley, Blackberry, BT TV, Money Supermarket and Playtech Software Limited.

As well as providing software development tools, support and added-value-services, Clearvision offers training and consultancy.

It bolsters organisations’ DevOps cultures, engenders collaborative working and helps businesses take their technology to the cloud.

Clearvision is also home to ClearHub – an online marketplace for clients to find long-term self-employed Atlassian skilled contractors – created to counter the tech skills shortage.

“While we’ve enjoyed year on year growth as a business, this last financial year has been particularly strong for us and is set to continue,” said Tombs.

“It’s widely accepted that software is empowering the world and almost all large corporations have now actually become software development companies. Software development has become instrumental to all business.

“The speed of change, especially in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) space, means there is increasing demand for our breadth of services and skills to enable businesses to not only implement changes necessary to keep up in today’s digitalised world but to drive through innovation and stay ahead.

“While we work with businesses of all sizes, as an enterprise-certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner we continue to attract large enterprises and the public sector – providing consultancy, technical implementation, hosting, training and support packages for JIRA, Confluence and the rest of the Atlassian stack.”

The firm’s strategy has always been to focus on, and adapt to, the expanding needs of software development teams; to help businesses source best in breed tools and provide the services and ongoing support they need.

“Growth has been particularly strong four significant areas, these include the rise of DevOps whereby we’re not only supporting businesses with the tools to enable this shift but also the cultural changes required to become a DevOps business,” said Tombs.

“Similarly, there is a huge trend for customers moving from on-premise servers to cloud solutions and, as a result, we have experienced a significant rise in the uptake of Clearvision’s cloud hosted offering. We expect this to be another key area of growth in the coming year.

“Atlassian tools are becoming the standard for software development teams, coupled with an uptake of agile methods across the software industry, meaning a greater need for the collaboration tools we offer.

“We also have a number of exciting new developments planned as we expand further into new areas, most imminently the launch of a new service to enable even greater levels of collaboration when IT teams are working remotely.”