Posted on October 1, 2019 by staff

Chris Elsheikhi, global director of creator growth, Teespring


Chris Elsheikhi is head of Europe and global director of creator growth at Teespring, a Silicon Valley-based merchandise platform which has made millionaires of 30 YouTube stars.

Chris spearheads the company’s creative strategy to steer the direction of the brand and manage key global partners in the digital industry, including YouTube, Instagram and Twitch.

Chris has his finger on the social-commerce pulse, with a global perspective in crafting the right marketing strategy for the acquisition of high profile content creators and influencers.

Chris’ professional experience stems from over 10 years of launching and scaling new businesses, from bootstrapped new ventures to high profile VC-backed opportunities.

He was previously Gett’s UK General Manager, and worked in growth and partnerships with the global on-demand mobile transport app, which has raised over $620m in funding and was selected by Forbes as one of the ‘Top 15 explosively growing companies’.

Prior to this, Chris launched various successful ventures, including a co-working space as well as an independent record label and a creative music agency.