If ChaChing’s new media platform is only half as disruptive as they say it will be, the shockwaves felt in the eCommerce world could be seismic.

In simple terms, it offers merchants the opportunity to acquire customers on a cost-per-acquisition model – but with a twist. Rather than competing for clicks and views, ChaChing focuses on competing for conversions.

The platform will launch in November to consumers and is already working with 110 clients. Onboarding takes 70 seconds to integrate with platforms like Shopify and Magento.

It was founded by Maximillian Sugrue and its directors include Alastair Lukies CBE, best known as a pioneer and champion for the UK’s global FinTech industry.

Instead of the traditional method of giving money to the tech giants for clicks and views, ChaChing says it will give up to 90% of the cost-per-acquisition price back to the brand’s new customers.

For example, if a pair of trainers was sold for £100, with a media cost per order of £30,  the shopper receives £27 cashback.

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ChaChing prefers not to be compared with cashback sites such as TopCashback and QuidCo, but is promising to put more money back into the pocket of the shopper.

The firm’s UK managing director, Joel Williams, told a recent ‘eCommerce meet-up’ event in Manchester organised by eComplete that the company had even won the backing of Tim Berners-Lee, innovator of the World Wide Web, on its advisory board.

He said ChaChing was promising a minimum cashback of 15%.

“If you buy something for £10, a minimum of £1.50 has to be given back to the customer,” he explained.

“We allow you to purchase on a cost-per-acquisition basis. You don’t have to pay for clicks, impressions or views. We do all of the heavy lifting.

“You have an insights board to see how campaigns have performed and what products have done well and what hasn’t. We’re changing the way that advertising is taking place.

“We take 90% of the cost per acquisition that would have previously gone to big tech and give it back to a brand’s new customers.”

He said their approach offered a better return on ad spend (ROAS) and improved customer loyalty, while ChaChing will use its own advertising revenue to pay consumers directly.

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