Posted on January 27, 2020 by staff

CFC acquires InsurTech ThreatInformer

CFC acquires InsurTech ThreatInformer


CFC, the specialist insurance provider and pioneer in emerging risk, has acquired London-based InsurTech ThreatInformer.

Leveraging a combination of big data and machine learning, ThreatInformer’s data enrichment technology helps insurance companies better understand their customers’ exposures by compiling readily-available information about their risk profile from a variety of external sources.

By integrating ThreatInformer with its own suite of proprietary technology, CFC will streamline and improve key activities in the underwriting process as well as uncover patterns in claims data to help predict and prevent client losses.

“Putting technology and data at the heart of everything we do is what sets CFC apart and is critical to staying competitive in today’s market,” said Dave Walsh, CFC CEO.

“Bringing ThreatInformer’s unique technology in-house was a natural next step for us and builds on a number of exciting projects already underway.”

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CFC recently announced the latest version of its cyber insurance platform which offers brokers the ability to generate a comprehensive cyber quote with just a single piece of data.

“Our new cyber platform is just one example of how CFC are using data in innovative ways to vastly improve the process of buying and selling insurance,” continued Walsh.