Cera, one of the UK’s fastest-growing healthcare technology companies, has begun its global expansion with a launch in Germany.

Also the UK’s second largest healthcare at home company, its mission to help people live longer, healthier and better lives in their own homes.

Cera will be delivering care and nursing services in people’s own homes across Berlin and Potsdam by empowering its team of 50 staff with advanced technology.

The firm says its AI-powered app enables its team of professional carers and nurses to detect health deteriorations up to 30x faster than traditional methods, and reduce hospitalisations by up to 45% among older communities. 

The app monitors service user’s vital signs, activity levels, sleeping patterns and nutrition, and advises their professional carer or nurse on the best course of medical action.

This international expansion is the first of many on Cera’s horizon following 100-fold growth over the past two years in reaction to increased demand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve experienced rapid growth in the UK since our inception, and in particular over the past two years as we’ve looked to bolster our operations and support our UK communities through the pandemic,” said Dr Ben Maruthappu, CEO and co-founder. 

“As a result of COVID-19, we’ve seen a significant acceleration in the demand for healthcare services to be delivered at home, rather than in hospitals, and we’re uniquely placed to use our technology to address this need. 

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“We’re incredibly excited to be increasing our footprint further afield into Germany, and we see this as the ideal springboard for continued internationalisation throughout Europe and beyond in due course.” 

Launched in November 2016, Cera has filled more than 10,000 jobs and delivers upwards of 40,000 in-person healthcare visits daily. The company has delivered more than 15 million home healthcare visits in just five years.