Posted on July 26, 2017 by staff

Cascade announces record 12 months after new appointment


Payroll software specialist Cascade has posted record revenue growth of 38 per cent after a bumper 12 months under a new senior bureau manager.

Claire Treadwell faced steep targets when she joined the helm of the Leeds-based firm exactly one year ago.

But according to Cascade, she has made light work of the division’s progression, increasing the customer base by 30 per cent in the past six months.

Improved efficiencies and personnel development will now pave the way for four more jobs in Cascade’s new financial year, whilst boosting capacity to accommodate a further 30% growth in the customer base.

Treadwell said: “Cascade is a very exciting place to be at the moment.

“But I’m not an entirely new face in the business. I actually worked here 10 years ago, as helpdesk manager, when there were only six people in the team.

“Safe to say it’s changed a lot since then.”

The team has undergone a significant restructure, and took on a further 85 staff this month.

Cascade now has a headcount of 152.

Treadwell added: “To provide the level of service that clients quite rightly demand in this environment, it is important to have a real empathy for the payroll and HR challenges they face on a day to day basis, as well as an unparalleled insight into how technology can make light work of these issues.”

Cascade’s award-winning software has a fully-integrated payroll module for clients wishing to handle their employees’ remuneration in-house.

For organisations wishing to outsource the function, Cascade’s Payroll Managed Services ensure everything is taken care of from start to finish, using  Cascade’s own same HMRC-recognised technology.