Leading global operator and long-term software investor Banyan Software has appointed Graham Carney as its first M&A Director in the UK.

The addition of Carney, who spent seven years at KPMG prior to holding a similar role at Manchester-headquartered retail and technology giant THG, will help to accelerate Banyan Software’s growth in the UK and across Europe.

Founded in 2016, the US-based Banyan Software specialises in acquiring, building and growing niche vertical market software businesses.

Backed by a world-class group of CEOs and investors with deep technology experience, Banyan operates across a number of sectors including healthcare, education, media, transportation and financial services.

Banyan made its first UK investment in Cardiff-based procurement software provider Atamis Ltd in late 2021 and is committed to future growth in 2022 and beyond.

David Berkal, CEO of Banyan Software, said: “Banyan is expanding quickly throughout North America, Europe, as well as into Australia and New Zealand. There’s significant capital behind us and we expect to be very active in the UK and across Europe.

“We’re excited about the opportunity that the UK software market presents and are committed to investing in a dedicated and growing UK-based team.”

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Carney added: “I’m really excited to be joining Banyan. The company has forged a reputation for being a great permanent home for businesses rather than one that looks to resell them after only a few years which resonates closely with me.

“We see it as a long-term commitment. It’s about continuing to support and invest in the businesses that the owners have successfully built in order to drive sustained growth.”

“Primarily, we are focused on acquiring and helping grow profitable companies with annual revenues of between $2m and $30m, across a variety of vertically-focused enterprise software markets. I look forward to meeting several leading software businesses in the coming months.”