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Calming Blankets, an Australian start-up, has recently launched in the UK, helping to cure anxiety and sleep disorders.

Offering heavy duty blankets, otherwise known as ‘weighted blankets’ – they have become the latest bedroom and sofa accessory with medicinal properties for curing stress, anxiety and problems with sleep.

With over 50,000 individual blankets sold across Australia, customers can now purchase a weighted blanket from £119.00.

Calming Blankets was started by two young entrepreneurs from Adelaide, Western Australian, who generated a lot of interest on Facebook and Instagram.

The design of the weighted blanket has a pouch in the inside netting, filled with weighted pellets that are evenly distributed across the product.

Creating a deep touch stimulation and calming the nervous system, the feeling of a weighted blanket is designed to provide a calm and soothing feeling, similar to a warm hug.

The concept originated in the 1980s when weighted blankets were used in hospital wards to calm down nervous or restless patients, often suffering with psychiatric problems. Today, they have become part of the start-up landscape and a popular addition to the latest wave of bedroom and wellness products.

Many studies have been conducted on how weighted blankets can impact on sleep levels, as well as their effect on both anxiety and stress.

According to a recent study, weighted blankets were shown to decrease nervous system over-activity in 33% of participants. 63% of these participants also reported that they felt less stressed-out and anxious. In addition to this, a significant 78% of participants reported that they preferred using weighted blankets to help manage “bouts of anxiety”.

Calming Blankets offer blankets in a range of weights (2.2kg, 4.5kg, 6.8kg and 9kg), and they are covered in a soft minky fabric, similar to the types of blankets used by children and babies, so they are nice to cosy up to. Customers can choose from three colours: grey, white and blue.

Other products available by Calming Blankets include the Oodie, a large weighted one-size, bamboo pillows and weighted koala toy for children.

With strategic premises located in Northampton along the M1, the company is delivering its products up and down the country and is available in 2 to 4 days of delivery.