Posted on March 26, 2018 by staff

BuzzStreets launches £450,000 Seedrs campaign


BuzzStreets has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs with the aim of raising just under half a million pounds.

The Reading-based company, which provides a B2B tech solution for mapping and navigating complex environments, plans to raise £450,000 with 12.5 per cent equity offered.

It will use the funds to increase its presence and expand its technology into new markets.

The company currently has £273,316 already funded and stands at £3,150,000 valuation pre-money.

Working around smart cities, BuzzStreets pulls together multiple data sources and in-house developed technology into its application. The solution can be developed for a business, public facility or city.

It can then deliver location-based services for people on their journies by pulling in unstructured data, for example real-time traffic updates, or to deliver relevant special offers when approaching a shop.

However the real value the company adds is around enhanced user analytics.

The information gathered on how people move around in certain ways, at different times and for different purposes, for a range of scenarios from businesses to cities and public services, can improve their design and efficiency through data insights.

“BuzzStreets has the potential to help millions of users find their way inside and outside buildings,” said founder and CEO Joao Fernandes.

“It’s a worthwhile solution for people.”

There is more information on BuzzStreets’ Seedrs campaign.