Posted on June 9, 2017 by staff

How businesses are using video tech to ‘wow’ customers


Businesses need to ‘wow’ customers and investors by using the latest technology to change how they promote themselves.

That is the view of Darren Hutchinson, director of Dreamscope TV, a film production company which has rebranded itself as a “visual experience specialist”.

He told BusinessCloud that tech has leapt forward in the last two years and now offers incredible potential for companies.

“Our background is in promotional films but the possibilities now are completely different in terms of making them interactive, 360 and exist in virtual worlds,” he said at the Film Tech Expo 17 his company hosted inside Coronation Street’s former studio at the Old Granada Studios in Manchester.

“Over the last 24 months the technology has advanced so much that we now class ourselves as putting together experiences for companies who really want to change the way they do business and promote themselves.

“We work with Thames Water and Lanes for Drains and they bought themselves a massive panorama dome. You walk in and it projects an entire virtual world around you.

“We’ve created a five-minute film for that which investors, employees, potential employees and customers can walk into. They immerse people in this world which people think is just water management but is actually really fascinating.

“That’s a company which is looking at doing things differently and saying ‘walk into our world, be a part of it and experience what it’s like to be us’.

“The people that go in there leave with a completely different vision of what they had before. They call it their ‘wow’ film.”

Dreamscope TV has been going for 15 years and recently moved back to Manchester after five years at MediaCityUK in Salford.

Hutchinson said it was more important to be near potential clients than fellow TV and media firms.

“We felt the ability to make connections and the number of businesses and relationships we could tap into here in Manchester was better than at MediaCity,” he said after moving the firm back to the Old Granada Studios.

“We’ve got a lot of the resources you might tap into at MediaCity under our wing already. And the way that we bring business in is essentially through connecting with big business.”