Posted on February 6, 2019 by staff

‘Businesses must embrace technology or die’


Companies face a “do or die” decision to digitise their operations or get left behind by their rivals.

That’s the view of Manchester-based Utopia Technology, who are experts in smart technology and work with a range of businesses from SMEs to global organisations to diagnose their challenges and implement digital solutions.

They say expertise in the Cloud, connectivity and big data analysis are important in building a digital ecosystem, as ‘companies no longer operate in silos’.

Utopia’s commercial director Chris Sulej told BusinessCloud: “We help clients to think about and answer key questions such as ‘How can we increase our profitability and find new avenues for growth?’, or ‘How can we expand our company into new markets?’

“Having identified the key challenges for the company, we can begin to evaluate the various digital transformation alternatives.

“There are many varied facets to the process and while we might propose one, some, or all of these as part of the strategy, it is important to remember that digital transformation is a means to an end and one should always keep the objectives in mind.”

He said those firms who implement updated technology will have a competitive edge, as the rest are “being left behind, acquired or liquidated”.

One of the biggest challenges faced by companies with digital transformation is not having the correct internal expertise, to which Utopia Technology urges those to have external partners to take the initiative.

Having a strong IT infrastructure connected to the business is also key according to the firm.

“Utopia has huge experience in working with companies from diverse business streams, and we have learnt the key areas of help that are needed from an external partner to achieve a successful digital transformation,” Sulej added.

“We are able to share successful approaches and best practices, demonstrating how success was achieved.

“At Utopia Technology, our wide-ranging experience, coupled with our unrivalled partnerships with world leading innovators, enables us to ensure a successful passage to digital transformation.

“We help companies to employ the latest innovations in smart technology to gain genuine business benefit.”

Utopia is a technology distributor, founded in 2009 to launch Huawei Symantec and then Huawei into the UK Enterprise Market.