Posted on November 29, 2017 by staff

Business leaders unsure on IT security improvements


In the wake of major cyber security attacks new research of senior business leaders commissioned by Insight UK found that less than two-fifths of business leaders hope to achieve improved security when implementing IT solutions.

The company provides computer hardware, software, cloud solutions and IT services to business and the public sector clients.

It found that half (46 per cent) of business leaders revealed that data privacy is one of the top things customers value.

A further 84 per cent said it’s important to their customers that they know where their data is being stored, with 53 per cent saying it’s very important

However, because less than two-fifths (38 per cent) hope to achieve improved security when implementing IT solutions, it’s clear the majority of businesses still aren’t aware of how seriously customers take data privacy says Insight UK.

Even those who are taking data security seriously are struggling to get to grips with it, with the majority (54 per cent) admitting they find storing data securely extremely challenging

Insight UK’s IT director of applications Lal Hussain said: “In the world of ‘always-on’, every device is an entry point.

“Cyber security must be designed into every single project and business solution that is put forward to be signed off.

“As such, security which is transparent to customers will help to differentiate in the future.

“In the same way you don’t need to see police officers on every corner to be reassured that they are there, you understand the basic social contract which assures you security without it being thrust to the forefront at every occasion.”