Posted on November 13, 2019 by staff

Business investment in AI and IoT not to increase in 2020


Emerging tech such as IoT and AI is the second lowest priority for businesses next year for the third year running, second only to print services.

That is outlook from a survey conducted by business tech provider Softcat, which asked its 1,600 customers across 18 different industries about their intentions for tech spending in 2020.

Among those industries, real estate, private health and social work, and energy and utilities ranked big data, IoT and AI seventh and eighth priority respectively – the highest ranking by those questioned.

The survey also reports that 56 percent of industries rank end user computing and mobility, the technology which allows for remote working, as their second biggest technology priority.

The construction, education and healthcare industries ranked this as their number one priority, ahead of cyber security investment.

Craig Lodzinski, chief technologist in data and emerging technologies at Softcat called the low interest in IoT, AI, and big data surprising.

“Organisations continue to prioritise “utility” services which are essential for day-to-day operations,” he said.

“However, recent developments mean emerging technologies are becoming easier to adopt and as such, we expect investment to grow over the next few years as industry catches up.”

Adam Harding, chief technologist in end user computing added: “Improving the digital workspace is one the best ways businesses can both protect and amplify a culture which makes them appeal to new talent.”