The value of the major cryptocurrencies has dropped in the last 24 hours after price rises at the start of the week.

At the time of writing (7am), Ethereum (ETH) dipped more than 4% to around $2,400, and is down a similar amount on its price seven days ago.

Bitcoin (BTC) is back below $40,000 following a 4% fall in 24 hours; however it is 5% up in a week.

Ripple’s XRP coin fell 2% to 85 cents and is 4% down over seven days.

Cardano (ADA) is at $1.52 after suffering a 2% dip which puts it more than 3% below its value last Thursday.

Dogecoin (DOGE), the coin created as a crypto parody and based on a meme, dropped 2% to 31c. It is 7% down in a week but has a market cap greater than that of XRP.

The overall market cap of the approximate 10,500 coins is at $1.61 trillion, having shed 6% in 24 hours.

In better news for the crypto investment community, Panama could follow El Salvador’s move to accept Bitcoin as legal tender.

Congressman Gabriel Silva, who will introduce a bill to the country’s parliament next month, said: “I found El Salvador’s project positive, ambitious, interesting and with good acceptance.” 

The biggest winner among the 100 most valuable coins in the last 24 hours was Amp (AMP), which added 24% and has doubled in a week.

There were no massive falls, but SHIBA INU (SHIB) – which was the biggest winner this time yesterday – was the biggest loser as it dipped 9%.

To see how the valuations of the biggest movers and shakers – and main coins – have changed over the last few days, click here.

For valuations of the top 250 coins by market cap (updated every 15 minutes), their market cap plus 24-hour price change and volume traded, see below. 

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