Posted on April 11, 2018 by staff

Broadstone to support Brooknight security services


Manchester-based Broadstone has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the UK’s leading security services providers, Brooknight.

As a recruitment marketplace for the private security sector, Broadstone will support Brooknight to identify and secure high-quality, vetted and background-checked security personnel.

The new app-based service manages the whole recruitment process from job posting, background vetting and candidate selection via an algorithm, to invoice administration, scheduling and rostering of permanent and temporary roles.

Following a six-week national trial, Brooknight has rolled out Broadstone’s new technology to bring benefits to end clients, assuring them that they are working with a trustworthy, credible, fully pre-vetted workforce.

Chris Fieldhouse, managing director at Brooknight, said: “We had encouraging results following the trial and feedback internally, and from candidates, was that the process was much more efficient and reliable and connected quality security professionals with security roles to suit their specific experience.

“During the trial there were some challenging roles to fill in regions that can often have a smaller talent pool, but Broadstone succeeded in securing high-quality candidates that really matched the job requirements, so we took the decision to roll out the system nationally.”

Recruitment and vetting is traditionally a slow and lengthy process, but Broadstone’s new service makes it easier and more effective for employers to hire temporary and permanent employees and for job-seekers to access and apply for roles quickly.

“The security industry has a decreasing pool of quality personnel so Broadstone’s service allows us to tap into a fully vetted, compliant workforce to fill our roles and support our customers in the retail and corporate sectors,” said Fieldhouse.

“The service provides a direct communication interface between us, and our applicants and employees.

“It speeds up the recruitment process, and our customers are assured of a high calibre of security personnel within their operation.

“Our partnership with Broadstone is part of our wider growth strategy as we recognise the benefits of new technology and how that fits in to the changing recruitment landscape.

“Using this intelligent software we are guaranteed a high quality of candidates, connecting the right people with the right roles and opportunities and we’re looking forward to working with Tom and the team.”

Tom Pickersgill, founder and director of Broadstone, said: “Lifestyles are changing rapidly, which includes how people look for work, apply for jobs and how companies can identify and manage them.

“With security in the spotlight more than ever, it’s important for businesses to ensure they are taking steps to tackle industry challenges and Brooknight is a great example of an established organisation investing in technology to enhance their offering.

“The private security sector is ripe for innovation so it’s important for organisations to keep up with technology and trends, forge useful partnerships and embrace the technological innovations and digital trends to stay ahead in this competitive and increasingly important marketplace.”

Broadstone is aiming to attract over 60,000 individual job seekers to the platform by 2020 to provide temporary and permanent security for venues, events, and individuals around the UK.

It intends to work solely with ACS (Approved Contractor Scheme) registered companies.