Posted on May 22, 2018 by staff

Britons too complacent over fraud


Britons need to wake up and realise they aren’t as fraud-savvy as they should be.

Research carried out by NatWest found that nearly half (46 per cent) assume that it’s the older generation who are most at risk of being victims of fraud.

The Safe and Secure Survey revealed that 22 per cent wouldn’t know what to do if they were experiencing online security problems while nearly one in 10 of online bank account holders have shared their online banking passwords with someone.

Mikko Hypponen, a tech expert in scams and fraud, said ultra-caution is the way forward.

“You should never post anything online that you wouldn’t mind seeing posted on the cover of a newspaper,” he said.

“Even if you think your post is not visible to everyone, it could very well be.”

However nearly half (47 per cent) said they choose not to save passwords to internet browsers when it comes to their online accounts.

While being careful in this way may help keep you more secure, it can also mean we use the same password for several logins: 59 per cent are using one password for multiple accounts.

“Do not try to remember your passwords,” added Hypponen. “Use a password manager. That’s the only way to have a unique and strong password in every service.”

The study found that fraud is most prevalent in Wales and the North West with a fifth of respondents in these areas having experienced it.