Posted on July 31, 2019 by staff

British AI entrepreneur appointed new CTO at Sidetrade


British AI entrepreneur Mark Sheldon has been appointed CTO of the Sidetrade Group.

Sidetrade, which has 1,500 corporate customers in 80 countries, and over 250,000 users worldwide, uses AI to analyse and improve customer relationships.

In November 2016, Sidetrade acquired British start-up BrightTarget, a firm which applied machine learning to predicting and growing revenue from existing B2B customers.

Sheldon, co-founder of of the acquired firm, became the technical director of its product line, and contributed to its integration into Sidetrade’s overall offer, supervising its development from the Birmingham office.

Sheldon is now responsible for supporting the firm’s growth with his global research and development strategy.

The firm said that the research and development, testing and quality, operations, support and internal IT teams for Sidetrade Group’s product lines will now report directly to Sheldon in his role as CTO.

“Our main challenges are now to converge our three product lines and to make our organization even more agile. We must become more scalable and plan ahead for international expansion,” said Sheldon on his vision.

“I am convinced that the technical excellence and desire to drive innovation within our teams, will both serve Sidetrade’s strategic vision and our customers’ specific business needs.”

Olivier Novasque, CEO of Sidetrade added: “Beyond his proven technical and managerial skills in R&D, Mark is a true entrepreneur.

“Focused on innovation and pragmatism, he pursues a product vision which perfectly meets market expectations. It’s a pleasure to welcome him to Sidetrade’s executive committee”.