Posted on May 25, 2017 by staff

Brainlabs moves to heart of tech scene after rapid expansion


Brainlabs has announced it will move headquarters to cope with rapid expansion, after being named one of the world’s fastest-growing companies.

The digital media agency will vacate its existing base in King’s Cross and head to new premises in a 12,000 square-foot block in Old Street.

It will feature a running track and roof terraces, placing it at the heart of the capital’s burgeoning tech scene.

Brainlabs is disrupting the industry through its scientific approach to marketing, using technical innovation to optimise ad campaigns for clients such as TSB, Which? and Deliveroo.

The firm was named by the Financial Times the fastest growing company in the UK, and fourth fastest in Europe.

Since founding the company in 2012, CEO Dan Gilbert, a former Google executive, has seen the Brainlabs team expand to more than a hundred employees in the short space of five years.

He said: “We’ve grown quickly because we are constantly challenging the conventions of the industry, but also challenging ourselves in everything we do.

“Having worked at Google, which is considered one of the best places in the world to work, I was never satisfied. I constantly felt I had more to offer than my role allowed.

“We’ve expanded incredibly fast because every employee here is given the freedom to truly develop themselves – that’s the key to our success, and the reasons why so few people leave and so many want to join us.

“Advertising has evolved too fast for most people to keep up, that’s why I’ve only hired people that are capable of continually adapting, and willing to learn every day.

“Very few of our staff have the typical background of marketers, but that’s because modern advertising needs an entirely new skill set.”

Using a unique blend of data, automation and analytics, the agency has won a fair share of awards for paid media campaigns including Agency of the Year at the 2016 Masters of Marketing Awards.

Sophie Newton, Brainlabs COO and BIMA 100 winner (2017), made headlines for her dedication to improving gender equality in the workplace, including the introduction of the ‘Gender Pay Gap Tax’, which eradicated the pay gap between male and female employees, and a number of other HR initiatives designed to overcome the unconscious biases that can hinder gender equality.

The company’s annual turnover is projected at £12m for the current financial year.