Posted on August 22, 2017 by staff

Bosses urged to stay true to their leadership style


Bosses should stay true to their own style of leadership rather than trying to adopt another approach.

That is the view of William Fletcher, managing director of Recycling Lives, a social business supporting life-changing charity programmes through recycling and waste management operations.

“Leadership can be learnt by people who have a desire to succeed, in whatever topic they are passionate about,” he told BusinessCloud.

“But they need to be enthusiastic about what they are doing – and leaders should look to be natural to their own style rather than trying to learn another.

“A good leader is someone who is able and prepared to take calculated risks, who can motivate themselves and others to exceptional performance.”

From the boardrooms to the sports field; from politics to health; from education to the emergency services; strong leadership can be the difference between success and failure.

BusinessCloud has teamed up with Themis and CascadeGo HR software for our latest breakfast event at Burnley College about the art of leadership and where the leaders of the future are coming from.

What makes a good leader? Are you born a natural leader or is it something you learn? Do age and gender make a difference when it comes to leadership?

These are just some of the questions that BusinessCloud and Themis’ ‘The Secret of Leadership’ breakfast event will tackle.

Radio 5 Live controller Jonathan Wall is among the speakers.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jonathan Wall, controller, Radio 5 Live
  • Michael Finnigan, founder, i2i
  • William Fletcher, managing director, Recycling Lives
  • Michelle Rothwell, founder, Watch This Space
  • Dominic McGregor, COO, Social Chain
  • David Beharall, ex Newcastle United and founder of CandidSky
  • Phillipa Winter, Chief Informatics Officer, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Simon Jordan, director of Themis, Burnley