A company which provides safety technology for hazardous environments has raised £2 million.

Mobilus Labs’ flagship product is a patented two-way bone conduction headset which integrates into safety helmets and replaces or augments handheld radios. 

The hands-free, ear-free technology is designed to enable clear and safe voice communications in extremely noisy and dangerous environments such as the energy, construction, chemicals and manufacturing sectors.

The funding round featured Chevron Technology Ventures, Vinci BV, Ascension Ventures, Schox VC, Entrepreneur First and members of the UK Stanford Angels.

The London startup will use the funds to expand its deployment of the Mobilus Voice Communications Platform internationally, with a focus on the United States and Europe.

The mobiWAN was also recently recognised by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 best inventions of 2021.

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“Clear voice communication is particularly valuable in hazardous areas. Our trial of the Mobilus device helped us assess its potential to enhance worker safety, particularly in high-noise industrial environments,” said Barbara Burger, VP innovation and president of technology ventures at Chevron. 

“We are excited for this latest investment from our Core Energy Fund, which focuses on technologies that have the potential to improve performance in our traditional oil and gas businesses.”


Selale Zaim Gorton, head of the investment committee at Vinci, added: “Not only is the technology based on bone conduction tremendously effective, but it also enables voice-to-text and voice assistant features even when there is significant background noise. 

“As such, Mobilus has the potential to digitise communication in a myriad of industries. We are very excited to work with this remarkable product and visionary team.”